Kristály Panoráma Villa Balatonfüreden



The Kristall Panorama Villa is about 400 metres from the beaches, with quiet resort-area surroundings. The high-quality apartments offer one or double space bedrooms with kitchen and dining areas, bathrooms and balconies. All the apartments (with the exception of the ones downstairs) are air-conditioned, and have colour TV as well as free wi-fi access.

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The Villa – thanks to its apartment style- is excellent for families! The garden with its pavilion, deck-chairs and playground for children ensures that all its members have the possibility to relax. Parking space for cars and bicycles is also available. The famous Tagore Promenade with its beautiful sycamores and the historical, Reform-era quarter full of cultural memorial places are within walking distance. There are several programs, luscious wines and local specialities to taste, which You can approach on the cycle path as well, thus making Your stay an active and memorable experience.

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